VI.ER combines the best of the nordic traditions of craftsmanship and dedication with exclusivity, flavour, culture and design. VI.ER is a new line of small batch nordic aquavits, made from the best hand foraged local ingredients and infused for optimal flavour. Everything in an effort to herald the dawn of a new age of nordic aquavit.  As with all other exceptional spirits in this world, there are some international rules and regulations governing which spirits can use the classification of aquavit. These rules are not only steeped in centuries of nordic tradition but are today actual laws, making the true aquavit that tad extra special. To be an aquavit, there are three rules you have to adhere to in order to be able to claim the title: 

The main flavour has to come from either caraway or dill.
The alcohol percentage has to be minimum 37,5% (75 proof).
The spirit cannot be bitter.

Caraway seeds from the windswept fields of the Westcountry in Norway often forms the base of many of our aquavit’s. It lends a classic warm, earthy and slightly liquorice flavor as the base notes. Then we combine this batch with different wild plants, berries or herbs that are foraged across the forests and plains of Denmark and the rest of the Nordics. Most times we choose to only combine one foraged ingredient with the caraway seeds. This ensures that you experience the full flavour of each handpicked ingredient and nothing has room to hide. Everything is measured, combined and produced at the micro distillery Nordisk Brænderi, which is located close to the Bay of Denmark in the northwest of Jutland. 



VI.ER strives for the best. To work together with the best in the industry and to create the best aquavit there can be. To show the flavours of the Nordics and combine this with a top spirit, that can attain international notoriety. As all ingredients are wildly foraged it will only be very limited batches of each flavour, but this also ensures the quality of the product and thereby also the exclusivity. 

Our aquavit can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be enjoyed as a digestive after dinner, or the classic way as a little shot during heavy lunches or late nights. You can switch out your gin or vodka and try using aquavit in your cocktails for a splash of adventure. You can enjoy it neat during the winters or on the rocks in the summertime. The only thing we do not recommend is drinking the aquavit straight from the freezer as this inhibits all the essential oils from opening up and you will not experience the true burst of nordic flavours. But at the end of the day it is up to you how you prefer to enjoy your