VI.ER AKVAVIT is a wish to create an aquavit, that soars above everything else that is already on the market. An aquavit that makes people want to immerse themselves into a new world of nordic cool. Combining our classic virtues of craftsmanship and quality with a contemporary and relaxed approach. We have always wondered why aquavit has gotten such a bum rap. We are sure this is only due to the fact that people have yet to try a truly extraordinary aquavit. Like with everything else in this world you need to have kissed a few frogs before you are really able to appreciate a gentleman. 

Our goal is to design and produce a series of aquavits, that are distilled and infused with the finest herbs and plants from Denmark and the Nordics. We have teamed up some of the best and brightest within their respective fields. Some of the best Foragers in Denmark are daily out and about in nature discovering and handpicking the freshest ingredients for our next aquavit. We work closely together with one of the finest Distillers in Denmark, Anders Bilgram from Nordisk Brænderi, who is the man stoking the fires of the boiler. Our aquavits are only sold in shops, bars and restaurants, that we feel a kinship with. This way we create our own story and build a brand together with all of you, which is true to the lifestyle we want to live. What makes VI.ER AKVAVIT even more unique is that every new flavour is named after the region where it is foraged. This also means that even if we use the same ingredients from the same area, the aquavit can taste differently year after year, due to changes in the weather and the surrounding microclimate. This offers an honesty to the product that you won’t find many other places and it all comes together to make your experience extraordinary. 


VI.ER AKVAVIT is more than just an exclusive small batch aquavit - it’s a lifestyle. It is a community of individuals who do not compromise on quality but rather seek the unique. People who chase new experiences and love having fun. Connoisseurs, who know that life is too short for boring parties and bad liquor. In short, people that lead the way and who are always ready for a new adventure. So if you want to join the VI.ER AKVAVIT community send us a mail or follow us on our social media pages. Then we will keep you updated with latest activities, new aquavits, events, sharing our culture, news, etc. We look forward to welcoming you to our circle.